How to use the White Handle Kit

By popular demand we introduced the white handle kit for the Honey Badger range of knives. Honey Badger knives come in 3 sizes and so does the white handle kit. Note that these handles are designed to only fit the later model Honey Badger knives that have the left/right switchable pocket clip.

The problem that many folks who dye their handles were facing is that unless you are dying a white substrate the resulting color is not what you expect. As you can see below this apricot orange came out pretty much as one would expect. The left side of the scale was left in the dye for 3 minutes and the right side for 1 minute.

And so the White Handle Kit became a reality.

Of course there is nothing to stop you creating your own white knife by fitting the white handle kit to an existing Honey Badger knife.

    It’s really easy to remove and refit the scales.

    All of the later L/R Honey Badger knives have one large pivot screw, 2 body screws and 4 pocket clip screws. Note as you remove these smaller screws that there 2 different sizes. A smaller screw is used in the lower pocket clip position on both sides.

    Note that the pivot screw can only be unscrewed from the side opposite to the pocket clip. Sometimes these can be a bit tight depending on how much thread-lock compound was applied at the factory. You may need to use a beefier T8 torx driver.

    Note also that because you are disassembling the L/R version of the Honey Badger knife that there is a small metal insert in place of the pocket clip on the side opposite to the pocket clip. Don’t forget to reinsert this (it can only go one way) when reassembling the knife.


    While you have the knife apart why don’t you think about replacing the back spacer with a different color one? Get one here.

    Backspacers are available in various colors for all Honey Badger Knives that are Left/Right compatible. Generally knives bought after May 2020 will be able to take a new backspacer.


    Remove the Pivot Screw

    Press out the pivot

    Carefully remove blade and 2 bearings

    Remove 3 screws and handle handle on non clip side notice metal clip insert

    Remove 3 screws and handle on clip side

    Separate liners – note the stop pin top left

    Lift off the back spacer


    1. Place liners on the scales.
    2. Insert pivot noting that it has a flat side and can only go in one way.
    3. Place one of the bearings on the pivot and the other bearing in the recess on the blade.
    4. Place the back spacer in it’s position.
    Position the blade on the pivot noting that there will be some springiness from the locking plate underneath.
    Flip the other scale into place applying downward pressure with your finger while tightening the pivot screw.
    Insert and fasten the screws on the non clip side. Note that the short screw goes into the left hand (lower) clip position as pictured above.

    Insert and fit the screws on the non clip side. Again note that the short screw goes into the right hand (lower) clip position as pictured above.

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