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History of the Honey Badger

First conceived in 2014 Honey Badger Knives has been an ongoing passion project of our CEO and Head knife designer Marc Ager. With over 30 years of experience in the hunting and outdoor market and a lifelong passion for knives, Marc identified a need to supply the South African market with a high quality, practical and durable range of EDC knives that cash-strapped South Africans could afford.

He eagerly took to the challenge and after 18 months of researching and fine tuning, the first 3 models of the Honey Badger range came to fruition. The Claw, Hook and Flipper (in 3 different sizes) were launched to the South African market at the HuntEx expo in Johannesburg, South Africa in April 2016.

Before throwing himself into Honey Badger, in 1987 Marc established Ramrod, which still to this day, is one of Southern Africa’s leading and most reputable importers and distributors of high quality brands to the hunting and outdoor market. As well as distributing some of the industry’s leading brands, Marc and his team at Ramrod have over the years, designed and patented numerous highly successful products including Biltong slicers and illuminated BBQ tongs. Many of which are also experiencing success in international markets as well as Southern Africa.

With his wealth of experience and respected reputation in the industry, Marc’s love for his Honey Badger knives was as well received by the market as he had hoped!

The well thought out features, design finesse and the perfect performance/quality/value positioning of the original 3 models paved the way for evolution of the Brand and it was not long before he was making new models, in new colors and sizes.

Along with current practical improvements to the original models, like the addition of up-graded steels, a 2 screw pocket clip and left/right hand capability, our knives are now not only loved by South African users, but fast becoming a favorite of the international knife community. With Official distributors appointed in the USA, France, Australia, New Zealand and the UAE, and others coming on board, Honey Badger knives are now becoming available all over the world!

“When it comes to knives, I believe what makes a good knife stand apart from others is the total combination of many subtle features all working together in unison to create an outstanding, complete, practical design and an enjoyable user experience in a superb EDC cutting tool” – Marc Ager

And this is exactly what Marc and his team have strived to achieve!

From humble beginnings, Honey Badger is now available in 26 different variants and the range will continue to adapt and evolve as we listen to and react to input from the global knife community.

Western Active is the official appointed distributor in the United States.